How a Digital Detox Can Help You Relax on Holidays

Are you finishing the year feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Are you frantically trying to finish up everything but it all just feels chaotic?

Often at the end of the year we can feel rushed to meet targets and wrap up our final tasks. In this digital and fast paced world, it is easy for us to become overwhelmed by so much information and it can be hard to switch off.

We can feel stressed by the emails we haven't read yet or the photos we haven't done anything with. We can also feel frazzled by the vast number of accounts we follow but can't keep up with. 

As we head into the holiday end of the year and things start winding down, now is the perfect time for a digital detox. 

This is a simple process to clean out your digital environments in preparation for the New Year. This includes devices, emails and your laptop or PC - for work and home.

There are many benefits to a digital detox. It can result in a clearer mind and feeling less stressed. It allows you to follow up on anything important, and to feel more organised for the new year. It is also an amazing tool to help you feel more relaxed and to free up more of your valuable time.

8 simple tips to follow for a digital detox are:

Emails - Often we skim emails and think we'll get back to them later, but never do. Now's the time to clean out your inbox - actionfile or delete your emails. Unsubscribe from emails you no longer wish to receive. Get that unread number to ZERO!

Photos - I have been guilty of storing over 14,000 photos on my phone! Delete old or unnecessary photos. Order or print the photos you want through services/apps, and then archive or backup your photos and delete them from your device. A fantastic app that I order my photos through and LOVE is Picture Postie!

Apps - Apps can take up storage on your phone, become outdated, or use data that you may not be aware of. Review the apps on your digital devices and delete the ones you no longer use.

Messages - Do you keep every SMS/WhatsApp/other message you have ever received? Are you an electronic hoarder? Now's a great time to review how much you have stored and if they really need to be kept.

Unfollow - You may follow a large number of accounts across your social media channels that are hard to keep up with. Review and unfollow the accounts that you are no longer interested in or that are inactive. You could also do a 'friend' review.

Files - Review the information, files and folders on your desktop. Can you delete or archive information? Can you simplify the folders and how they are stored?

Passwords - Whilst doing a digital spring clean this is also a perfect time to change and strengthen your passwords for increased security.

Backups - It is SO VERY important to backup your digital information. Last year I lost a whole hard drive that wasn't backed up. (yes - there were tears...!) Find a solution that works for you whether it's an external hard drive or a cloud service, and backup your files. Set this up as a regular process. You won't regret it if something goes wrong - learn from me! 

Following the above steps at this time of year can truly help to close off the year that was and allow you to truly switch off and RELAX while on holidays. It will also be a fantastic way to start the new year!

I'd love to know what other end of year detox tips have worked for you - share them in the comments below!