What a Kayla Itsines Bootcamp Workout is Really Like...

It all started when a colleague at work mentioned that there was a Kayla Itsines event happening on the weekend. We both had a mutual interest in Kayla's exercise program, and she was keen to go. I wasn't quite as keen - I have recently had a head cold and cough that I was just coming out the other side of, I hadn't exercise properly in a little while due to a back injury, I had experienced a very busy week with long days and quite frankly I just wanted a Saturday sleep in.


I decided that this was ACTUALLY a great way to ease back into my fitness and exercise, a healthy way to start my weekend - plus a great way to do something I hadn't done before! 

We both registered for the free event - and were instructed to bring our yoga mats, a sweat towel and water. Our Sydney event was held at the Sydney Olympic Park Showgrounds. 

Now - I already had an idea of what to expect. I have Kayla's Bikini Body Guide program which I have followed for a number of weeks before. It's TOUGH - but very effective. I knew this Bootcamp wasn't going to be a walk in the park...! 

We arrived about 45 minutes before it was due to start. There was quite a long line of ladies (waiting in a queue in our active wear!) waiting to get in, but the queue moved pretty quickly. Our tickets and ID were checked and we entered the hall. Throughout the whole session I did see one guy - it would have been great to see more men there!

Near the entrance there were giant pink SWEAT letters and Instagram cardboard frames that ladies were getting their photos taken with... of course I joined in! As we continued through into the hall the side walls were lit up with hot pink lights, loud music was pumping and there were a few hundred women already positioned on their part of the floor with their yoga mats. We set ourselves up just past the halfway point. There were stalls at the front of the room near the stage, which we didn't visit. 

15 minutes before the session began, videos began playing on the large screen and then a male emcee introduced the session. There was a sense of anticipation and excitement in the room which was awesome! Kayla ran out on stage, introduced herself, explained how it was going to work and we got started quite quickly. 

The bootcamp session was broken into 6 sessions - warm up, legs, arms, abs, mixed and stretching. Each section had intervals of varying exercises. Our key instruction for the whole session was to NOT stop until the music stops - modify the movement if needed but to JUST KEEP MOVING!

Kayla was active throughout the session showing us the movements and keeping us on time. She is very fit and can change movements VERY quickly - I felt like I was dragging myself on and off the yoga mat at times! I felt a little self conscious at the beginning, but quickly realised everyone was just doing their best for their own level of fitness. The loud music also helped to push through the workout. 

This was the hardest workout I had done in a while - I sweated, I puffed, I felt like throwing up at one point (I eased off a bit after that) - but I LOVED it! After our final mixed 7 minute straight session, Kayla asked which part did we think was going to hurt the most the next day - legs, arms or abs... I say ALL of them!

While stretching, Kayla shared some of her story and why she does what she does. She's from Adelaide, a big Greek family, and became a Personal Trainer. She's passionate about helping people be their best self - through health and fitness. 

I felt so motivated and inspired at the end - and felt part of a positive community. It was awesome to see the genuine care Kayla has for making a positive difference. The event included a giveaway overseas trip and lots of freebies that were handed out, such as water bottles and foam rollers. She asked at the end for everyone to come to the front stage for a huge group photo which was awesome!

I love her style and program because it is about being the fittest and strongest YOU can be - not to look like anyone else or any other ideal. Her program can also be done anywhere - you don't need to go to a gym. To me, it's not just about getting a 'bikini body' - it's about lifting your HEALTH, STRENGTH and FITNESS. There's also a HUGE community to provide support and info.

How did I feel afterwards? 

Since the workout session yesterday, I have felt an increase in energy, confidence and am motivated to keep my fitness routine going. Today I have also felt a bit stiff and sore in places that hadn't been worked out for a while... sitting and standing has been a bit tough too!

I plan to ease back into her program a few times a week and balance this with walking and yoga. One of my goals this year is to improve my fitness and strength so this bootcamp was a perfect way to kickstart it off! 

I would definitely go to a Kayla Itsines event again - my work colleague mentioned how much harder she worked in a group setting than she perhaps would on her own. It's motivating and energetic!

You can learn more about Kayla's program by clicking HERE.

[This is not a sponsored post - just something I love!]

x Michelle Robb

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