5 Benefits of Becoming a Life Coach

2015 was a pretty big year for me. And I mean BIG!

I made a decision last year which has changed my life and given me so many unexpected benefits. But let's rewind a little first...

Late 2014 I volunteered at the Earth Events Radical End of Year Party which featured Gala Darling, Julie ParkerMelissa Ambrosini, Rachel MacDonald plus a musical performance from Morgan Joanel. 

I had been a huge fan of Gala's for quite some time so was SUPER excited to meet her at the event - and to also thank her for the positive impact she has had on my life... 

The beautiful speakers on stage were inspiring people that I was already following on social media and reading their blogs. During the event, I was listening intently and madly typing notes into my phone. 

Then a thought hit me.

I had found my TRIBE. 

I felt connected to all of these amazing speakers, the volunteers and even the audience. The positivity, confidence and joy in that room was incredible to experience. 

I looked at the stage again and decided right then and there that I wanted to be on that stage to help people and be an inspiration too. I didn't know how but I deeply felt that it would happen one day. 

Fast forward to 6th February 2015. 

I was working from home that day and wondering what could I do help and serve others, to be my own boss and create my own world... when the answer arrived. 

My own coaching business. 

I have coached and mentored hundreds of women over 15 years in my corporate leadership roles, and creating my own coaching business seemed to be a natural extension of what I had already been doing. 

I researched the courses available and the one that caught my eye was the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, created by the inspiring Julie Parker. 

This life coaching course ticked all of the boxes for me. It was heart-centred, not clinical. There was SO much included in the course with the in-depth material, support, audio resources, and dial in calls and face to face days. Plus I didn't realise so many inspiring coaches that I followed had trained with BYCA!

It was a daunting thought that I could actually create my own coaching business - but this course felt right in every way so I clicked YES. 

Here are 5 unexpected benefits I received from this incredible course:

1. LIFE CHANGING. I started the course not sure if I could actually be a life coach and fearful of what people would think - to now having confidently launched my own business and working with amazing clients! It is so amazing to have my own business that will only keep growing. 

2. My TRIBE has grown... a LOT! The course group I studied with has been incredibly supportive, helpful and motivating. I count myself lucky everyday that I have all of these beautiful women in my life now. It also continues to grow as I meet more trainers, coaches and clients on my journey. 

3. All the LEARNING. The course not only trained me on how to be a life coach, but it ALSO taught me how to create a business from scratch. On top of this, I have also taught myself how to create logos, how to create a website, social media management and so much more! 

4. CREATIVE outlet. I've never been an artist or musician. (Hint: don't ask me to sing!) My coaching business has now given me a creative outlet - with my words, images, content and more. I love being able to share my experience and knowledge with my tribe in a creative way. 

5. Entrepreneur LIFE. Balancing a full time role while running your own business is not for the faint hearted! But it has shown me just how much I CAN achieve if I focus and organise my time effectively. If you want something bad enough, you will make it happen!

If you're feeling called to become a life coach, want to create your own heart-centred business and would like to build your network with AMAZING people - I HIGHLY recommend the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. 

I am a proud affiliate for this course and am also a Certified Life Coach. If you choose to study with BYCA, you can coach with me for your own certification - either during your course or after you graduate. My coaching packages can be found HERE - plus you'll get some extra special freebies from me!

Some key highlights from the course for me were:

- Receiving my printed material and workbook that I can now refer to and keep

- Choosing to have a coaching buddy to support each other and practise with

- The regular coaching calls where we were able to ask questions

- The downloadable audio interviews - so much gold!

- The Inspiration Days where I was able to hear inspiring speakers and meet my fellow trainees and trainers in person

- The Facebook group where I can ask questions, ask for advice and support my coaching group

- The beautiful network that I now have - I can't emphasise this enough!

If you'd like to know more - click HERE or email me your questions to hello@michellerobbcoaching.com


All photos courtesy of Fi Mims Photography.