Why Redundancy Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

Flash back to 1st June 2012 - the first day I was unemployed since leaving high school. 

After working for a great company for almost 13 years, the department I was working in was restructured and my role was merged with 2 other roles. 

It was time for me to move on. 

The truth is, I had actually been ready to move on for a while - but I had done nothing about it. I had become too comfortable working in a company where a lot of people knew who I was, knew my personal brand, my strengths and what I could do. 

It was my first corporate job and the thought of looking for a role with another company quite frankly FREAKED me out. 

So the Universe stepped in to give me a hand - by kicking me onto the kerb with my redundancy. 

I felt ALL of the feelings. Sadness, anger, embarrassment, and I also felt lost. Even though I was READY to move on, I still felt the raw pain of being told your job no longer exists. 

I then spent the next 4 months spending quality time with a friend who was also made redundant at the same time. I cooked. I slept. I caught up on a LOT of TV shows. I travelled to Japan and Port Douglas. I ran a Full Marathon. I also started studying a Diploma in Event Management. 

After applying for over 20 jobs and going through 8 interviews - I was then successful for a new role in a completely different industry. Since then I have changed jobs another 2 times and have also launched my Career Coaching business. 

Life has changed so significantly since I was made redundant - and I am so GRATEFUL for the experience. 

Here are the reasons why being made redundant was the best thing that ever happened to me:

- It made me reevaluate my career path and if it truly was what I wanted to do (I said yes!)

- It forced me to leave my comfort zone and get comfortable with promoting myself with people who don’t know who I am

- I got REALLY clear on my strengths, experience and uniqueness

- I became an expert in CVs, application letters, applying for jobs + with interviews

- I learnt how to not take rejection (or silence...) personally

- I got clarity on where in my personal life I needed to get unstuck + moving forward again

- I met my now husband + became a step-mother!

- I learnt the importance of not burning bridges + leaving a workplace on a positive note

- I learnt how to put myself first + to proactively manage my career

- I have also made lifelong friends + learnt valuable lessons from so many people

Everyone’s redundancy experience is different. Mine was a steep learning curve and I grew in so many positive ways. 

If you're currently experiencing a redundancy, let yourself feel + process the emotions. Reflect back on what you have learnt, your achievements + what you have to be grateful for. Set some amazing goals for your future + know that there WILL be positives to be found.

If you need help to move on from your redundancy + find your next amazing role - you can find my coaching page HERE

I'd LOVE to hear what your biggest turning point in your career has been? Tell me in the comments section below!