Bring your Future to Life... Today

Do you have a big dream and hope it will happen one day?

One day I’ll have the life/business/relationship of my dreams.

One day it will come to life. 

One day. 

You know you need to take action to bring your dreams to life, but it’s so hard to do when you're too busy or you don’t know where to start.

The truth is that your future is created by what you do today.

If you wait until you're 'ready', you'll might just be waiting for the rest of your life. 

If your dreams are still far away, you have the opportunity to start doing something about it today and not in the distant future when it might never happen.

Here are 5 ways you can create your future - starting today.


Get reaaaallllly specific about your goals

If your goal is to ‘be in a job I love’ or ‘have a successful business’ - this isn’t enough girlfriend.

If you want to make your goals come to life quicker, you need to get clearer on the details. 

Picture yourself in the future when your goal has happened. 

What does it feel like? Look like? Smell like? Sound like?

What are the figures or amounts you want?

What does your usual day look like?

Write down the details, or create a vision board with images of what your dream looks like.

The clearer you get on the specifics, the more focused you’ll be on bringing it to life. 


Brainstorm it out

The thought of bringing your dream to life might feel overwhelming. 

There’s so much to do, and you just don’t know where to start.

A powerful technique is to brainstorm the actions to bring your dream to life. 

Spend 30 minutes with blank paper and pen - and start listing all the steps or actions to bring your dream to life. 

It doesn’t matter how big or small they are, and don’t edit or judge your ideas as they come out.

Just keep writing as many actions as you can think of to get you there. 

You’ll be surprised by how much you can come up with!


Do one thing everyday

You’ll see from the brainstorming exercise that there’s LOTS you can do.

But we often only take action when we’re feeling motivated, or when we’re forced to. 

The secret to success is to take action and do one thing every single day towards your goals.

Decide which actions you’ll take for the week ahead, write them down into your diary, and commit to them.

Whether it’s creating something, contacting someone or even just visualising your goal. Just one small (or big) step everyday is better than nothing.

Small consistent steps will lead you to success!


Act as if - now

How would you feel, act or live when you achieve your goals?

What would you be, do or have when you’re there?

You can bring your dreams to life quicker by acting as if you’ve achieved your goals NOW.

It’s about changing your mindset, your feelings and your actions by pretending in the present moment. 

Your mind, body and brain will start to become accustomed to the new way of thinking and being until it’s just BAU.

Stop thinking that it will happen ‘one day’ and start acting like it’s already happened.


Stay connected

You’ve got big dreams, you're feeling so motivated, and you're ready to take action. 

But then… life happens.

Life gets busy, you get distracted, and suddenly your beautiful goals get forgotten about. 

The secret is to stay connected with your goals.

Book a regular weekly review to check your progress, create your actions, and keep the momentum going.

Make your goals visible. Write them on your chalkboard, vision board, laptop or phone wallpaper, or a sticky note on the mirror. 

Create a planner or spreadsheet to track your actions and progress. 

What you focus on, grows. 


One day, or day one... the choice is yours.

And don't forget to celebrate your wins along the way babe… enjoy the journey as much as your destination!