3 commitments I'm not breaking in 2017

One of my favourite New Year rituals is to reflect on the year that has finished and dream up what I want the next year to hold. 

2016 was for many a challenging, tricky and tough year, including me. Yet it was also full of big wins, successes and happy times too.

But after looking back at the lesson filled 2016, I've decided there are 3 must-dos that I'm not breaking in 2017.

A few days before the end of 2016 I watched a Tony Robbins clip on You Tube called New Year, New You. (Watch it here)

The message that really resonated with me from the clip was about resolutions and 'must-dos'.

Statistics show that 95% of people who set New Years resolutions have quit them by mid January.

Resolutions are what we think we should do. But they aren't necessarily what we truly want.

To successfully achieve your goals in 2017, don't make resolutions. Instead - create goals that are big and exciting for you, and then commit to them.

When you truly commit to your goals, when they really matter, your actions become must-dos. 

I have BIG dreams for 2017 - and I know I'll achieve them with my following must-dos:

// Keep it Simple

I play many roles in my life - wife, step-mama, business owner, leader, employee, friend... I always have a lot on my mind! 

So when I start over thinking things or get distracted, I'm going to stop and gently bring myself back to my focus.

I need systems and tools to keep me organised, so I've set up new systems to run my business more simply this year. I've started decluttering my business desk, papers and digital files - and will do this once a month.

When there are challenging times, I'm going to use my journal and meditation to focus on what matters. 

This year I'm committing to keeping it simple. 

// Balance

Last year both my work and building my business kept me extremely busy and were my biggest focuses. But as a result, my self care became a lower priority during this challenging year.

Now my fitness levels and some gentle nudges from my health are telling me to play different this year.

I'm committing to prioritising my self-care by staying balanced. Balanced means that all areas of my life will be equal-ish where possible.

So apart from work and my business, this looks like meditating once a week (as a start!). Moving my body more every day, and eating cleaner. 

Date nights with hubby. Spending more time being present with the kids. Reading more. A digital free day once a month.

More balance means less burn out. 

// Joy-full

Life can be busy, challenging, stressful, frantic, fast-paced. 

But - we need to slow down and enjoy the ride too. 

This year I simply want to feel more joy.

I usually have a million things on my mental to-do list and am always thinking a few steps ahead. But this means that I'm sometimes not present and not enjoying the moment. 

I'm committing to slowing dooooooown and staying in the present. Connecting and laughing more. 

I'm also turning the big 4-0 this year and to celebrate this milestone, I've created the #inspired40 challenge to feel more joy!

#inspired40 is about brainstorming 40 NEW and INSPIRING things to try over the next 12 months. Some fun things on my list include float tanking, horse riding, a 30 day squat challenge and going to the ballet!

Resolutions are old school. It's time to change how we look at our goals.

This year I'm focusing on my 3 simple must-dos, as the key to me achieving my goals is to feel calm, happy and healthy. 

What about you?

What must-dos will YOU create for 2017 to achieve your big beautiful dreams?