Letting Go of the Ex-Workplace

What workplace emotions are you holding onto?

This question came up not long ago in one of my kinesiology sessions and it made me stop and think. 

I could very easily identify workplaces or times in my career that I held negative emotions for….

Where I didn’t experience great leadership and had little support

When I was made redundant

Where the culture was toxic and inauthentic

The truth is that you will experience difficult, challenging and maybe shitty times in your career. This might be roles, teams, your manager or the entire organisation. 

My biggest a-ha moment was when I realised I was also holding onto POSITIVE emotions for an old workplace. I once worked for an organisation and a manager for several years that was a fantastic experience. But the problem is that I’ve since compared every new job and company to that time. 

Just as you might have exes or past friendships that you need to process and let go of, it's also the same for workplaces. We spend so much of our life at work so it's only natural that we form emotional bonds to both the good and the bad. 

But the problem is when you continue to carry these negative (or positive) emotions and make them part of your story today

Holding on to workplace emotions can drain you and influence your joy and happiness. It can lead to disappointment, stress and anxiety. 

Your power lies in forgiving and letting it go. 

You deserve to be fully present today without the emotional 'baggage' from old workplaces. What has worked for me has been to lovingly let go of the emotions attached to workplaces, even the positive ones. 

Here are the 3 simple steps I follow to let go of workplace emotions and reframe your story around them:

Your Love List

Write a list of everything you learnt, enjoyed or loved about a role. Even in the most challenging times you will find some gold. Add in your big achievements, successes, or your proudest moments. Keep adding to the list, no matter how big or small. Add in the people who supported you, developed you or made you feel happy. This list is a great tool to keep and refer to whenever you need a loving boost or a reminder of your strengths. 

Letting Go

Next, write down everything you want to let go of from that role or company. All the difficult, negative, or challenging stuff that comes up. List the people that affected you. Keep writing to get it all down and vent it all out. Emotions might come up too which is normal. Let them flow. When you're done, take a big deep breath, burn the list (safely!) and choose to let it go. Choose not to carry this negative emotion anymore. 

Reclaim Your Energy

Finally, visualise yourself in your old workplace. See yourself at your old desk. Really feel the emotions that you're feeling, whether positive or negative. Give thanks and forgiveness, and send love for the experience and the people you worked with. Feel gratitude for the lessons you received. Then visualise yourself leaving the workplace, and taking all your energy with you. Really feel it travelling with you and becoming part of you again. Take a few moments to connect with your body and then shake it out. 

You might need to repeat this process a few times to clear your emotions, depending on how intense your experience was. 

This exercise has helped me to let go of holding onto negative energy, and also comparing any new role, manager or organisation to old workplaces. I’ve reset my expectations, reclaimed my energy, and now just take each role and person as it comes. 

My life and career now feels easier, calmer and less stressful. I now look back and reflect on roles from a neutral place, and it's easier now to see what I learnt from each one instead of just what went wrong or just the emotions. 

What organisations, roles or managers are you holding on to? Now might be the right time to let them go and reclaim your #careerlove!


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