Make Your Goals a Reality

It's New Year's Day and she wants THIS year to be different.

She's tired of the same old situations and life repeating itself every single year.

It's a new year and a brand new start - she's feeling inspired and motivated to FINALLY make change happen.

She grabs a fresh piece of paper and a pen, and starts thinking about what she really wants out of 2016. 

"To be fit and healthy."

"To find a job that I love."

"To be debt free and save money."

She smiles as she imagines how amazing her life will feel when she has achieved her health, career and financial goals. She KNOWS she will stick to these goals this year, as she folds them up and puts them into a safe place. 

This year WILL be different. 

Then... life steps in. 

Work gets busier with more responsibility. She works long days and relies on takeaway most nights for dinner. She would love to exercise more, but just can't find the time. 

She always puts her career first, but the stress and pressure keep building. It's too much and it's time to move on. She's signed up to a job seeking site but not many options arrive to her inbox. She would love to be in the job of her dreams but has no idea what she should be doing instead. She can't see how this is ever going to change. 

To relieve stress she has big Friday or Saturday nights out in the city. She has shopping sprees to make herself feel better. She's worked so many hours so she deserves to treat herself. But the credit card bills keep growing.

Soon - many months have gone by, she's forgotten about her goals list and this year ends up feeling just like every other year. 

So, how's the year shaping up for YOU? 

Often we start a new year with great intentions, enthusiasm and goals. But then life gets hectic, priorities change and we forget about the goals we so passionately set. 

The reality is that it's almost the end of June and Christmas will be here before we know it... (sorry!).

Ask yourself - have you made good progress on your goals? Have you ticked any off already? Or do your goals need a dust off?

NOW is the perfect time to assess your progress over the past 6 months, get clarity on what you truly want and reset your goals for the rest of the year.

A powerful and easy way to achieve this is with the 3 Listing Technique. It's a simple process that can deliver amazing results. 

I recommend it to my clients who have reported an increase in clarity, peace and energy. I also use it regularly to reset my own path and vision.


Choose a time to do this exercise when you are relaxed and won't be interrupted. Grab some blank sheets of paper, a pen and a cup or glass of something nice. This is your reflection time so create a beautiful space for yourself. 

Write each list on their own pieces of paper, and keep writing until you can't think of anything else. 

Gratitude List

The first list is your Gratitude List. Start listing EVERYTHING you are grateful for, over the past 6 months up to right now. 

Think about the different areas of your life such as health, loved ones, home, hobbies and employment. What makes you feel happy, content and inspired?

Include your successes and achievements, as well as the growth and learning you have had along the way.

The simple act of gratitude attracts more of what we are grateful for into our lives. 

Letting Go List

The second list is everything you want to LET GO from the past 6 months. 

Write down ALL the bad, negative, shitty, challenging moments or people you want to leave behind.  

We often carry stress and emotional baggage around with us without even being aware of it - it's time to let it go. Emotions may come up as you complete this step - let the tears, anger and frustration flow out as you keep writing. 

Dig deep and get it all down on paper. 

Once you have exhausted your Letting Go list, bury or safely burn the list. By completing this step, you're CHOOSING not to hold onto these negative experiences anymore. 

This step can help you to feel more free, light and allow more positive energy to come in. 

Vision List

Now that we've reflected on the past - it's time to look forward and create your future. 

The vision list is where you can dream BIG and imagine the life, career and love you want to have. 

Start writing down your big, beautiful and inspirational goals. Write them in present tense: "I AM...." or "I HAVE..." - your brain can't distinguish between past, present and the future. It responds best when written in the present tense. 

Keep writing until you have listed absolutely everything you want to have in your life. Sign your name with love at the end. 

The vision list can help you to get really clear on what it is that you want and what will make you happy. Your subconscious (and the Universe!) will start working to help you achieve your goals.


Keep your Gratitude and Vision lists somewhere safe, and review them regularly. This will help remind you of your amazing dreams and to take small, consistent steps towards achieving them. 

There are many benefits to completing this Three List Process regularly - even monthly or weekly.

The '3 Listing Technique' can help you to be more consciously grateful, dump the emotional baggage and create your life with purpose. 

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I'd love to hear how this process works for you... what came up for you? How did it help you realign with your goals? Tell me in the comments box below...