I’m here because it breaks my heart when I see strong, intelligent woman slump their shoulders and hide from the world because they don’t believe in themselves enough.

I'll help you to stand tall with your heart open, and beam with charisma and confidence to achieve your beautiful goals.

Because when you stop hiding, and start showing up, you always get what you want.

I'm a Certified Life Coach, with a Level 2 Wellness Coaching certification.

I’ve worked in Corporate Leadership roles for over 16 years across 5 industries, and with an Advanced Diploma in Management through the Australian Institute of Management  - I’m not just here to make you feel good, I’m here to actually get you the results you want.

It’s the blend of life coaching and leadership training that’ll get you everything you’ve ever wanted.

If you want to stop settling on same old and start making your choices count, book in your FREE discovery call here.

I'VE BEEN THERE TOO, beautiful

I’ve experienced what you’re going through. 

Confusion about which path to follow. Not knowing my purpose in life. Toxic relationships. Anxiety. Low confidence and going bright red when I had to speak to anyone. I’ve been 20kgs heavier and lived an unhealthy life. Becoming a leader.  I’ve experienced signifiant challenges growing up. Being made redundant. Changing industries. Working in a job that I didn’t love. 

I’ve felt stuck, like nothing would change and that I’d be left behind. 

Over the years, I’ve used different tools, strategies and mentors to change my life. 

Now I’m a #girlboss who runs her own Life and Career Coaching business. I’m happily married to a Scotsman and am a step-mama to 2 beautiful kids. I live near the beaches in Sydney. I work in the wellbeing industry in a leadership role which lights me up. I’ve spoken in front of 300 people. I’ve run 2 Full Marathons, many Half Marathons and every year I walk over 26km to raise money for the Westmead Children’s Hospital. I have a beautiful connection with my family and friends. I'm lucky to travel regularly. 

I’ve embraced my fears and have created a life and career that I truly LOVE.

I will help you do the same.



This series is for you if you're ready to set some short-term goals for your life, career, or business and need some loving and gentle accountability (plus some POSITIVE cheerleading from me!). If you need clarity, tools and techniques to get moving towards your dreams - this one's for you....

What's included:

6x one hour sessions held every 2 weeks via Skype or phone

Pre-Coaching Questionnaire for you to reflect on what areas of your Life, Career or Business you'd like to focus on

My support + guidance throughout the coaching series and FREE email support between sessions

Exclusive access to my tools, resources, knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals

A copy of my ebook 'CREATE YOUR 2017' and free access to my 'Kickstart Your Career' online course

A special gift just for you!

A 1 hour check-in session after the series has ended to review your progress and fine tune your goals

Your investment:

3x monthly payments of $395 AU, or $1,066 AU if paid in full (with a 10% discount!)

Book in your FREE 30 min discovery call to chat about how I can help achieve your big, beautiful goals!



This one's for you if you need to kickstart your career - you might be thinking about changing jobs and need advice, you need to update your CV, you have an interview that you need help prepping for, OR you might need to boost your confidence before an assessment centre session or an important meeting.

What's included:

1x 90 min session held as often as you need them, via Skype or phone

An 8 page pre-questionnaire to dive into your career, identify your strengths, and get clarity on what you actually want

Free CV and job description review

Access to my over 18 years corporate, leadership and personal experience in recruitment, changing industries, applying for promotions, transitioning into higher level roles, redundancy, career coaching, support and more

A FREE copy of my ebooks 'YOUR AMAZING INTERVIEW' and 'CREATE YOUR 2017'

Your investment:

1x payment of $275 AU

Book in your FREE 30 min discovery call to chat about how I can help achieve your career goals!

// Fun, spirited & gifted
Michelle is amazing. We connected instantly.  One of the many things I loved about working with Michelle is her contagious get-going attitude - she will have you motivated instantly.  Michelle has helped me achieve my goals (career & life) through her beautiful caring, sound advice and direction. She truly is one of the most supportive people on the planet. I am always inspired by her 'go-get-it' attitude and the powerhouse that she is!! Bianca M - Naturopath + Life Coach at Life Elite

// Educational + Inspiring + Rewarding

I was looking at changing industries, had lost confidence in my ability to interview well, and wanted to maximise my chances of obtaining a role which was aligned with my passion and interests. Making the decision to work with Michelle instantly felt right and I was excited that I was investing in myself. I received knowledge and insight into the recruitment process, as well as focus areas for me when applying for roles. I know that I have choices and that I can work in an industry and role that is aligned with my purpose, passion and interests. Stela I - Health Coach


Here are just some of the amazing results my clients have achieved coaching with me:

// They got that amazing new job

// She launched her beautiful business into the world

// Clarity on strengths and unique selling point

// Inner blocks cleared and personal journey defined

// Confidence and self-belief soared

// Secret techniques to boost confidence and self love

// Connection with creativity

// Achieving their big, beautiful goals

// Beautiful work life balance and #selflove rituals

// Prioritising what they love

// Getting SUPER clear on goals and vision

// Create a strong personal and professional brand

// Identifying network and contact strategies

// Public speaking techniques

// Inspiring, motivating, fun!
I was ready to make some positive changes with my career, love and money but I was unsure how to move forward with them. Michelle was a great listener, cheerleader and had lots of experience and techniques to share. She had so many tips and techniques and also shared links to helpful resources, websites and articles. I felt comfortable and motivated throughout our series. I've realised that I am capable of achieving my goals. I've started to dream big - I've got a clear vision for the future and every decision I'm making is taking me closer to it. I'm feeling more positive and happy! Yvette H - Mindfulness for Children at Weave The Future Magical


// Empowering, positive, thought-provoking
The whole coaching experience was just what I needed at that time and completely changed the way I looked at my life. I am now much more laid back, more focused and I now have my purpose. I have finally found my passion. I am no longer putting pressure on myself and I'm finding that things are evolving naturally. Cheryl H - Wellness Blog

// Positive, paradigm-shifting, supportive
I was unhappy at work, not sure what I wanted and not sure what to do. Michelle was so supportive, flexible and always there for me during the sessions. Her enthusiasm was infectious and I always looked forward to the sessions. The biggest change I have noticed in myself is that I am becoming my own cheerleader. I can quickly change the negative talk I used to have about myself into positive gratitude for being me. I feel like understanding my strengths and my personal boundaries of what I want for my life has helped create confidence and clarity in myself. I want to thank Michelle for always being so positive, encouraging and insightful throughout the coaching experience. I have learnt and gained so much from this invaluable experience. Cristen B


// Move towards your DREAMS and create a life and career that you LOVE

// Find your true PURPOSE + PASSION 

// Discover your true potential + get CLARITY on your strengths

// Feel SUPPORTED during change

// Build CONFIDENCE + ASSERTIVENESS  to network + promote yourself

// Feel relaxed + HAPPY on Monday mornings as you head into your DREAM JOB

// INVEST in yourself with exclusive tools + resources you can use over and over

// Take back control + feel EMPOWERED

// Create a strong PERSONAL BRAND that is positively YOU

// Balance WORK + LIFE in a healthy, stress free way [the way it should be]



Life + Career coaching helps people to create change in their lives and move positively forward towards their goals. In our coaching sessions you will identify what areas of your life you would like to see change, set realistic goals and then take positive action towards achieving these goals. The sessions are focused on moving you from where you are, to where you want to be. 


Coaching is not counselling. It is focused on setting future goals and the client taking positive action to achieve these. You will never be forced to make any decision you don't feel comfortable with, and all sessions will be confidential. 


My coaching will provide you with a positive and structured process to identify which areas of your life you would like to change, to create realistic and exciting goals, and then you will take positive action to achieve these goals. I will support you throughout the process, including free email support between sessions - and I will share my extensive knowledge, experience, tools and resources to help you achieve your dreams. 

I am a Certified Life Coach, have an Advanced Diploma in Management, Level 2 in Wellness Coaching and have over 16 years Corporate Leadership experience. Coaching can focus on any areas of your life, career, relationships or business that you would like to make positive change in. 


More CONFIDENCE to close more sales, speak at that conference, and get that promotion.

More TIME to live your life, like switching off at 5pm on a Friday and heading to the beach for the weekend knowing you don’t have to worry about work because you’re handling it.

More COURAGE to finally admit your biggest, boldest dream of painting 10 images, host your own art exhibition and sell your pieces to the public.

Book in your FREE Discovery Call where we will get to know each other, work out what services might suit you, and to see if we have the right coaching fit. It's an important decision choosing your coach.

I have a limited number of coaching spaces available - so book in your FREE Discovery Call now!

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