Did you know that recruiters spend on average only 6 SECONDS reviewing your CV?!?

That's not a lot of time to stand out from all the other hundreds of applicants...

First impressions count!

Your CV might be dumped due to spelling mistakes, too much text, formatting issues, and maybe from looking JUST like every one else's...

Writing or updating your resumè can be tough, especially when you're under pressure to find a new job - FAST. 

I've been recruiting people and redesigning CVs for over 18 years and I LOVE helping people achieve success in their career journey!

I will help you stand out from the crowd with a modern, eye-catching and well designed CV - which will:

// define your personal brand and experience

// be uniquely you and different to everyone else

// highlight your strengths and achievements

// create a strong first impression

// make you stand out from all of the other applicants!

Redesign your CV for a special introductory price of $49 AU - with your choice of template, a fast turnaround (1-3 days), and without the pain and hassle of doing it yourself!

Whether you prefer bold, modern or simple - choose your professional design from the FIVE templates below...

// Photos are optional - and can be colour OR black & white

// Headings and content are configureable - we can take out what you don't want or ADD what you need

// CVs can be multi-page - so we can include all the essentials

// I can create your professional overview statement based on your experience and yours career goals

// You'll receive a Word version of your freshly designed CV that you can keep and update forever!





I was ready to make some positive changes with my career, love and money but I was unsure how to move forward with them. Michelle was a great listener, cheerleader and had lots of experience and techniques to share. She had so many tips and techniques and also shared links to helpful resources, websites and articles. I felt comfortable and motivated throughout our series. I've realised that I am capable of achieving my goals. I've started to dream big - I've got a clear vision for the future and every decision I'm making is taking me closer to it. I'm feeling more positive and happy! ♥ Yvette - Weave The Future Magical