Michelle is amazing. We connected instantly.  One of the many things I loved about working with Michelle is her contagious get-going attitude - she will have you motivated instantly.  Michelle has helped me achieve my goals (career & life) through her beautiful caring, sound advice and direction. She truly is one of the most supportive people on the planet. I am always inspired by her 'go-get-it' attitude and the powerhouse that she is!! ♥

Bianca M - Naturopath + Life Coach at Life Elite


Inspiring / educational / Rewarding

I was looking at changing industries, had lost confidence in my ability to interview well, and wanted to maximise my chances of obtaining a role which was aligned with my passion and interests. Making the decision to work with Michelle instantly felt right and I was excited that I was investing in myself. I received knowledge and insight into the recruitment process, as well as focus areas for me when applying for roles. I know that I have choices and that I can work in an industry and role that is aligned with my purpose, passion and interests. ♥ Stela - Health Coach


Empowering / positive / thought-provoking

The whole coaching experience was just what I needed at that time and completely changed the way I looked at my life. I am now much more laid back, more focused and I now have my purpose. I have finally found my passion. I am no longer putting pressure on myself and I'm finding that things are evolving naturally. ♥ Cheryl - Wellness Blog


Inspiring / motivating / fun

I was ready to make some positive changes with my career, love and money but I was unsure how to move forward with them. Michelle was a great listener, cheerleader and had lots of experience and techniques to share. She had so many tips and techniques and also shared links to helpful resources, websites and articles. I felt comfortable and motivated throughout our series. I've realised that I am capable of achieving my goals. I've started to dream big - I've got a clear vision for the future and every decision I'm making is taking me closer to it. I'm feeling more positive and happy! ♥ Yvette - Weave The Future Magical


Thank you so much for your time and your fully listening ear. The session I had with you was both encouraging and constructive. I was in a 'stuck' place, feeling overwhelmed and needed a pair of expert eyes to see a way forward for me. I had been looking at my situation too closely and missed an important - but glaringly obvious - factor. The role of a good friend or a therapist is to help us see what we are 'missing'. You provided this for me in under one hour without prior knowledge of my life and without any strings attached. This makes you a kind of genius in my book. Most people are not able to provide new information to me, usually just reminders of what I already know. I was genuinely surprised, as I had no real expectations that you would be able to offer more than 'support'. What I really I needed was ideas - real life practical solutions - and you had several really good ones (which I have now implemented). I am left with a sense of empowerment again and have spent the week taking the actions which will make the difference. I am most grateful to you and will heartily recommend your service to all my social networks. ♥ Sharon


I was unhappy at work, not sure what I wanted and not sure what to do. Michelle was so supportive, flexible and always there for me during the sessions. Her enthusiasm was infectious and I always looked forward to the sessions. The biggest change I have noticed in myself is that I am becoming my own cheerleader. I can quickly change the negative talk I used to have about myself into positive gratitude for being me. I feel like understanding my strengths and my personal boundaries of what I want for my life has helped create confidence and clarity in myself. I want to thank Michelle for always being so positive, encouraging and insightful throughout the coaching experience. I have learnt and gained so much from this invaluable experience. ♥ Cristen


Create Your 2016 is a beautiful planner that sparks you to get to the heart of what you truly want in your life. Full of passion and intention, Michelle inspires you to dream big, reflect and be open to the limitless possibilities you can create for yourself. ♥

Heidi Rose - Mind Body Nourishment & Natural Living Coach

Michelle is passionate about goal setting and approaches this process from the inside out. In her eBook, she is sharing some practical yet simple prompts that can help you start your New Year with a 'bang'. If you need a good motivation and a workbook that can keep you accountable for setting some soulful goals then this is your resource. ♥

Jarka Kunova - Coach, Writer, Speaker at Designed By Life

For me, 2015 has been filled with incredibly high high’s, and really low lows, and as it draws to a close, it’s so easy to only remember the hardest times. Create your 2016 asked me to stop and think about the year in a more holistic way. It prompted me to reflect on what I’ve achieved, what I’ve overcome, what I've said goodbye to and how I’ve grown. It left me feeling positive about the year as it draws to a close, and helped me to create space in my life for an amazing 2016. Visualising my year ahead and identifying exactly how I want to feel allowed me to connect deeper into why I want what I want, and how to get there. A fantastic workbook for anyone wanting to step into 2016 feeling inspired, and clear on where to go next. ♥

Kate Caddle - Life Coach

Desire-centered, creative, and heart first, Create Your 2016 is sure to pump you up and get you into action. Full of tips and tricks, this workbook will get you on your way to creating a year you can be proud of. Consider it a mini-dose of coaching, because Michelle doesn't hold back the deep questions to really get you thinking. If you're ready to create action, Create Your 2016 is a must. ♥

Madison Hedlund - Life Coach and Speaker

Oh my goodness! The pages are so clean & inspiring and I love how you kick things off with asking to hear from the reader. This is incredibly useful & you bring a whole new level of visualization to setting powerful intentions for the coming year. I was excited about this next year for both me & my business but you've really stoked the fire that is my wildest dreams. Here's to a radiant 2016! ♥

Christine - Transformation & Growth Coach at Thriving Adventure